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2012-03-01 “Cri du berger” and “calm like a bomb” is performed by Trio Trespassing at the Ars Nova in Malmö.

2012-03-03 “Cri du berger” and “calm like a bomb” is performed by Trio Trespassing at the Media Artes in Växjö.

2012-03-11 “Fist of Fury” is performed by Cindy Castillo at Ars Musica, Belgium. 2012-03-15 “calm like a bomb” is played at the Borealis festival in Norway by electric violinist Victoria Johnson.

2012-03-16 “Circe” for percussion soloist Jean Geoffroy and Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain will be premiered during Festival en Scéne in Lyon. On the same concert Jean Geoffroy will permiere the percussion solo “Cadenza” and Benjamin Carat will perform “Cri du berger”.

2012-03-17 “Diffusing Grains” for Percussion Claviers de Lyon will be premiered at the Lyon Opera during Festival en Scéne.

2012-04-20, 21, 25 “In the midst of Trespassing No 2” is performed by Norrbotten NEO on tour in Piteå, Luleå and Stockholm.

2012-04-21 “In the midst of Trespassing” and “calm like a bomb” is performed by Trio Trespassing at Samtida Musik in Stockholm.

2012-09-06 “Double Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra” is played by Daniel Frankel, Åsa Åkerberg and Västerås Sinfonietta conducted by Johannes Gustavsson.

2012-09-11 “Jublet” for brass quintet is premiered at the Signal festival in Gävle by Stockholm Chamber Brass.

2012-03-17 “Diffusing Grains” for ensemble will be performed by the percussion class at KMH.

2012-12-02 “Pendant II” is performed by ensemble Gageego conducted by François-Xavier Roth in Gothenburg.



Jesper Nordin won the 6:th Brandenburg Biennale orchestral competition!

Jesper Nordin won Swedens largest composition prize for chamber music – Järnåkerstipendiet!
Read more (in Swedish)

See an excerpt from the jam session at the Stockholm Concert house with members from Meshuggah here

Hear the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Kent Nagano perform “Åkallan”. GSO Play


[Ärr] releases into a bursting rhythmic scream that has seldom been heard in classical music. The response from the audience was univocal. A great triumph for Jesper Nordin in his home town.
/Martin Nyström, DN

…forceful, rhythmic and explosive with clear roots in rock music. A future classic?
/Ulf Stenberg, Tidningen Kulturen






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