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2007-03-06 “Undercurrents” – a cello concerto for Benjamin Carat and Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain is played in théatre du parc d’Andrezieux Bouthéon (Saint Etienne).

2007-03-10 “Cri du berger” is played by Benjamin Carat at CCS in Paris.

2007-03-16 “Undercurrents” – a cello concerto for Benjamin Carat and Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain is played in l’amphithéatre de l’opéra de lyon.

2007-03-25 “Invisible Mantra” is performed by the Prague Singers at the festival Prague Premieres 2007.

2007-05-18 “Ingen får tro att allt är någons fel” is played at a an electro acoustic concert in Umeå, Sweden.

2007-05-19/20 “calm like a bomb” is played by Jérémie Siot at GRAME in Lyon.

2007-06-01 “calm like a bomb” is played by Jérémie Siot at SCRIM in Bordueaux.

2007-06-10 “Fem improvisationer” is played by Robert Ek at Wiks Castle in Sweden as part of a concert with Companion Star Ensemble.

2007-06-24 “Gido” for violin and two dancers (made together with coreographer Young-Doo Jung) will be performed at Abbey Royaumont in France. Violinist will be Julian Boutin of Ensemble Cairn.

2007-07-03 “Ma-Xia” for viola is performed by Max Savikangas at the 35th International Viola Congress, University of Adelaide, South Australia.

2007-07-20 “Dreams from the fire” and/or new piece for saxophone and electronics is played by Jérôme Laran of ensemble Cairn at the Tokyo Summer Festival in Japan.

2007-10-05 to 13 “inevitabilini” for recorder, “Frozen still” for piano and part of the new recorder concerto and improvisations are performed in different churches around Njudung by Anna Petrini, Susanne Rydén and Jönköping Sinfonietta.

2007-10-06 & 07 “The Dangers of Trespassing” is diffused in Paris during the Nuit Blance 104 at the pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris.

2007-10-21 “calm like a bomb” is playd by Carlos Camacho at the “Festival Internacional de Musica Contemporanea” in Bogota, Colombia.

2007-11-19 Graeme Jennings (formerly of the Arditti String Quartet) plays “calm like a bomb” at the concert serie of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players.

2007-11-24 “Invisible Mantra” is performed by the Taipei Chamber Singers at the ISCM World New Music Days in Hong Kong.



Jesper Nordin won the 6:th Brandenburg Biennale orchestral competition!

Jesper Nordin won Swedens largest composition prize for chamber music – Järnåkerstipendiet!
Read more (in Swedish)

See an excerpt from the jam session at the Stockholm Concert house with members from Meshuggah here

Hear the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Kent Nagano perform “Åkallan”. GSO Play


[Ärr] releases into a bursting rhythmic scream that has seldom been heard in classical music. The response from the audience was univocal. A great triumph for Jesper Nordin in his home town.
/Martin Nyström, DN

…forceful, rhythmic and explosive with clear roots in rock music. A future classic?
/Ulf Stenberg, Tidningen Kulturen






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